23 Feb 2023

6 Reasons to get Certified in Project Management

Have you ever thought why, after spending roughly 15 to 17 years of our lives completing our formal education, the majority of us pursue the same routine of job hunting, rejection, and, occasionally, selection in this highly competitive, dog-eat-dog world?

So, what’s the big deal? Is getting a job the be-all and end-all of all objectives? This is where the majority of us need to understand the significance of a lucrative career. This is synonymous with education and the continuous process of improving one’s skills.

Project Managers are no longer always the most senior people or the most experienced professionals. Organizations are reconsidering this strategy in today’s world, where only success matters.

The majority of organizations are attempting to establish systematic project management practices. This has resulted in a high demand for certified project management professionals with extensive project management experience and sound knowledge who play a role distinct from that of a business analyst.


  1. PMP certification adds credibility to your resume.

More and more organizations are making the PMP a requirement for project manager hiring. The certification and skills will undoubtedly make finding work as a project or program manager easier.

Certification appears to be a decisive factor in hiring, particularly with many organizations needing project managers. It’s a simple method for determining who can certainly do the job and who may require additional assistance. However, it is not the only factor considered by hiring managers.

  1. Customers demand it.

Clients of most large corporations increasingly prefer and demand that PMP professionals manage their projects. In such a case, a PMP certification gives you the advantage and opportunity to work with prestigious clients.

If you work on government projects or any other type of project that requires Earned Value Management, they may be looking for certification because it is a specialized skill.

  1. PMP certified Professionals are paid more!

Because PMP-certified managers are highly paid, the Project Management Professional certification is one of the most sought-after. In accordance with the 2020 PMI Salary Survey, PMP-certified project managers were paid 22% more than non-PMP-certified project managers in 42 countries.

The salary increase is definitely a plus! You may not get it at your current employer, but if you change jobs and end up in a different organization, the salary increase from changing employers will be very welcome.

  1. It improves networking opportunities.

According to PMI.org (accessed September 2021), there are over 600,000 PMI members worldwide, and this number is increasing. PMI holds meetings in the majority of metropolitan areas. These meetings also provide PMPs with important Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are required to renew their certification every three years.

They can also provide you with new job opportunities because they frequently have time slots set aside for people to stand up and share any job opportunities that are available at their organizations.

  1. It enhances your project management abilities.

If a person has invested time and money in obtaining a certification, it demonstrates that they have worked hard and are dedicated to project management as a career path. Furthermore, the PMP certification is not simply obtained by studying theory; it undoubtedly gives you an advantage and improves your relevant project management skills.

You already know you can lead projects, but the expertise and discipline gained from the certification will give you that extra boost of confidence. Regardless of whether you’ve been managing projects for a long time, a refresher is always beneficial!

  1. It allows you to stay more current with the industry.

The PMP credential continues to push you to stay current with industry standards. As I’ve heard many times, this certification assists you in becoming a leader.

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