23 Feb 2023

How to Become a PMP Certified Project Manager?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized standard for project managers, indicating that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to manage projects effectively. If you’re considering becoming a PMP certified project manager, there are several steps you’ll need to follow. In this blog, we will guide you through the process, including how Winsple Learning can help you achieve your goal.

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the PMP certification, you need to have a minimum of three years of project management experience, including 4,500 hours leading and directing projects, and 35 hours of project management education/training. If you have a four-year degree or equivalent, the project management experience required is reduced to two years (or 3,000 hours) of leading and directing projects.

Step 2: Apply for the PMP Exam

Once you have met the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the PMP exam. The application process involves providing information about your education, project management experience, and project management education/training.

Step 3: Study for the PMP Exam

The PMP exam is a challenging and comprehensive test that covers project management concepts, tools, and techniques. To prepare for the exam, you need to study the PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge), which is the primary reference for the exam. Additionally, you may want to consider taking a PMP exam preparation course.

Winsple Learning is a leading provider of PMP exam preparation courses that can help you prepare for the exam. Their courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to pass the exam successfully. They offer both online and in-person training options, allowing you to choose the method that works best for you.

Step 4: Pass the PMP Exam

The PMP exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, which you have four hours to complete. To pass the exam, you need to score at least 61% or higher.

Step 5: Maintain Your PMP Certification

Once you have passed the PMP exam, you will need to maintain your certification by earning 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years. These PDUs can be earned through a variety of activities, including attending training courses, participating in webinars, and volunteering in the project management community.

In conclusion, becoming a PMP certified project manager requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to ongoing learning. By following these steps and taking advantage of resources like Winsple Learning’s PMP exam preparation courses, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your goal of becoming a PMP certified project manager.